Koshihikari rice from Yaehara - Nagano Rice
  • Koshihikari rice from Yaehara - Nagano Rice

Koshihikari rice from Yaehara - Nagano

Koshihikari rice from Yaehara - Nagano

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Yaehara rice is grown in the city of Toumi, Nagano Prefecture, located on Niigata Prefecture border. In 1653, to cope with the local water shortage, Kurozawa Estate created an irrigation canal from Tateshina Mountain to develop new rice fields.


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Soil of Yaehara region is known for the quality of its clay. As clay soils have a high fertilizing power, paddy rice (standing rice) can be grown with less fertilizer compared to sand rice fields. Organic fertilizer used is more effective and can be maintained longer.
Yaehara’s rice paddy comes from Tateshina Mountain and produces delicious rice because the "silicon" content needed for paddy rice is almost three times more abundant than ordinary water. Fresh water containing a lot of minerals can prevent parasites appearing.
Yaehara climate also contributes to the production of a very high quality rice. Sunshine is high throughout each season. Starch absorbed during the day at high temperature enters the rice at night at low temperature and increases rice moisture and viscosity. Yaehara also faces less rainfall than neighboring districts. It does not snow much in the winter. Therefore, the parasites are difficult to remove and organic matter is retained in the soil.

Our perfect combination : koshihikari rice of Yaehara, Nagano Prefecture, is a quality rice for daily consumption. Consumed cold, it keeps all its taste properties.

Nagano, Japan
1 kg net
5 kg net
Kraft paper bag for 1 kg
Yaehara rice 100%, Nagano
keep away from light, heat and moisture
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