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Five rices blend Rice
  • Five rices blend Rice
  • Five rices blend Rice
  • Five rices blend Rice

Five rices blend

Five rices blend

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This blend is produced by ecological farmers in Shizuoka Prefecture.


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They drew up a plan to introduce highly sustainable agricultural production methods, based on the “Guidelines for the Introduction of Highly Sustainable Agricultural Production Methods in Shizuoka Prefecture”.
They have been certified by the governor.
The blends usually contain other grains but our supplier has focused on blending only rice, including the giant "Haigokoro" rice known for its excellent flavor.
This rice cannot be eaten alone.
Its use aims to give a lot of taste to white rice.
To do this, just add about 1 tablespoon of the rice mixture (about 10 g) to 1 cup of white rice and cook with the normal amount of water.
The anthocyanin in black rice dissolves in water, so don't wash it.
A little salt will enhance the flavor.
The Japanese add it regularly in the preparation of curry rice and in risotto.

Shizuoka, Japan
400 g net
Haigokoro giant milled rice with embryo (unpolished ordinary rice), Asamurasaki Kokuyu-sen black rice (unpolished glutinous rice), Benizomemochi red rice (polished glutinous rice), Akunemochi green rice (unpolished glutinous rice), Aoibijin glutinous rice (unpolished glutinous rice)
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