Black sticky rice Asamurasaki  Rice

Black sticky rice Asamurasaki

Black sticky rice Asamurasaki

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This rice is carefully selected, grain by grain, by one with a color sorter. It is Asamurasaki variety glutinous black rice, fully colored high quality black rice.


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Toyama, a region rich in snowmelt water, where this black rice is produced, is one of the largest rice-producing regions in Japan.
It uses the highest technologies for the production of this exceptional rice.
By cooking rice mixing 3 to 10% black rice with white rice, you get a very good slightly purple rice.
Black rice with its distinctive "mochi" flavor whets the appetite.
This rice has the characteristic of being rich in anthocyanins, a variety of polyphenols, and is valued for these health benefits. Black rice is a brown rice rich in minerals such as vitamin B1 and magnesium. It is used in authentic Japanese cuisine. Just mix it with Japanese white rice.
Taste this black rice grown in one of Japan's main rice-growing regions, rich in snowmelt water and produced using advanced agricultural technology.

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Toyama, Japan
100 g net
100% sticky black rice, Asamurasaki variety
best refrigerated
Recommanded use

Green Power Nanohana is an agricultural company that produces rice on a large scale in Toyama Prefecture, one of the main rice-producing regions in Japan. 

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