Roasted buckwheat flakes Panko-Tempura-Breadcrumb-Flour
  • Roasted buckwheat flakes Panko-Tempura-Breadcrumb-Flour
  • Roasted buckwheat flakes Panko-Tempura-Breadcrumb-Flour

Roasted buckwheat flakes

Roasted buckwheat flakes

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You will be surprised by the deep flavor of these flakes which will remind you the wonderful fragrance of "galette bretonne de blé noir"


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Nisshoku’s buckwheat, or soba in Japanese, is 100% pure. It is cultivated in Sorachi, on Hokkaido Island.
This soba, from the "kitawase soba" variety is known as the best in Japan. The one used by Nisshoku comes from sustainable agriculture farms that do not use pesticides. Rich in high quality albumin, vitamin B3, rutoside... this soba is easily assimilated by the organism.
Its taste and fragrance are unequaled. In Japan, soba is traditionally peeled and milled, and is used as the main ingredient in the preparation of Japanese noodles also called "soba" .
However, buckwheat bran has excellent nutritional qualities. Nisshoku buckwheat flakes are only crushed and therefore keep their bran and food properties.
In order to discover the exceptional fragrance of these buckwheat flakes, we recommend you to taste them unaltered.

Our perfect combination : these buckwheat flakes can be traditionally enjoyed in the morning, at breakfast, with milk or cottage cheese. They will surprise you, sprinkled on a raw vegetables salad, pastas, rices, ice-creams... The combination is exquisite in quenelle with game meat. We also suggest you to use these buckwheat flakes as breadcrumbs for your shrimp or squid fritters, your chicken nuggets, breaded cutlets and fi sh, breaded fruits and vegetables and other fritters. The crunchiness is exceptional and subtle.

Hokkaido, Japan
100 g net
500 g net
Sorachi buckwheat 100%
keep dry away from high temperatures (below +25°C) and moisture
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 395 kcal (1674 kJ) ; fat 3,7g, of which saturates 0,8g ; carbohydrate 75g, of which sugars 1,5g ; protein 15g ; salt < 0,01g.
pesticides free
Recommanded use
Ice Cream

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