Cottonseed oil
  • Cottonseed oil

Cottonseed oil

Cottonseed oil

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Cottonseed oil use has recently been booming in Japan in established best tempura restaurants.


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Cottonseed oil is called "the king of salad refined oil". Its flavor is said to be "soft", that it helps express the umami of the ingredients without altering them. It is a stable, heat-resistant oil with no bad odor when frying or ordinary cooking.

Our perfect combination : this oil is perfectly suited for cooking and tasting vegetable or seafood, tempura; no unpleasant smell, no heartburn, oxidation is not fast like other oils, the fries are crisp and light and not greasy and always tasty once cooled.
This cottonseed oil has a mild flavor suitable for making salad dressings or mayonnaise.
Cottonseed oil also sweetens several foods flavors : eggs, vinegar and onions, etc.
Cottonseed oil goes well with seafood and softens the powerful notes of cooked fish flesh or canned fish flesh.

Osaka, Japan
400 g net
PET bottle
100% cottonseed oil
protected from light and heat
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 899 kcal (3698 kJ) ; fat 99,9g, of which saturates 22,44g ; carbohydrate < 0,1g, of which sugars < 0,2g ; protein < 0,5g ; salt < 0,01g.

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