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Matsu roasted plain nori seaweed, high grade

Matsu roasted plain nori seaweed, high grade

Matsu roasted plain nori seaweed, high grade

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Matsu roasted plain nori seaweed, high grade

Our craftsman, Marutoku Nori, has been a master in the production of nori since 1949 in Hiroshima.


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Development and use of advanced technology has enabled him to produce nori of consistently high quality, including their patented automated roasting and drying processes.

Our perfect pairings: these nori are essential for making and enjoying your onigiri, temaki, maki...
You can also use them in flakes on white rice, pasta, salads, potatoes, or even in your bread dough or salted shortbread.

Nori has been consumed in Japan for over 2000 years, although production was long limited to what could be harvested from rocks at low tide.
It was then a very popular food, reserved for the nobility. It was during the Edo period that nori as we know it today was developed.
When Tokugawa Shogun realized nori economic potential, he started to cultivate them on nets in the Tokyo bay.
Soon, tens of times more nori appeared on the market than was previously available. This led to the popularization of this food, which was then found even at the table of the common people.
It was at this time that nori began to be produced in the form of dried leaves, using methods similar to those used in paper manufacture.

Hiroshima, Japan
10 pieces
20 half-sheets
50 pieces
100 pieces
Ariake nori (Porphira yezoensis)
keep away from light, heat and moisture
Recommanded use
Presence of an anti moisture bag in this product. Do not consume

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