Soba Oku Aizu Yam SOBA Noodles
  • Soba Oku Aizu Yam SOBA Noodles
  • Soba Oku Aizu Yam SOBA Noodles

Soba Oku Aizu Yam SOBA

Soba Oku Aizu Yam SOBA

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Soba Oku Aizu Yam SOBA

You will be seduced by the delicious scent of buckwheat for these soba Oku Aizu Yam (buckwheat grown and harvested exclusively in Minami Aizu, Fukushima Prefecture).


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Yamaimo yam (Dioscorea japonica) flour combined with buckwheat flour (for 53.00%) gives these exceptional Oku Aizu Yama soba a smooth and slightly crunchy texture. These Oku Aizu Yama soba are made in a totally handmade way, one by one, by hand.

Our perfect combination : We recommend a cold tasting.
A package for 2 people.
• bring 3L of water to the boil
• immerse the soba in boiling water and stir gently
• add cold water in case of overflow and lower on low heat and cook for 5 minutes
• remove soba from the fire and pour into a strainer
• rinse with cold water and gently stir
• drain
• sip the table within 5 minutes of rinsing for optimal flavor and texture.

Tasting Mori soba = cold soba served on a bamboo mat.
In a small bowl, pour your tsuyu soba sauce and garnish with chopped chives, grated white radish, grated ginger, dried nori julienne, white sesame seeds, wasabi and green shiso. Dip your soba bites in this seasoning and enjoy.

Tasting Bukkake soba = soba served in a bowl, then covered with hot or cold soup. In a soba bowl, put the soba cooked. Serve with shaved kombu "tororo kombu", shaved dried bonito "kezuribushi" and chopped chives. Then cover with hot or cold soba sauce and enjoy.

Fukushima, Japan
200 g net
53% buckwheat flour, wheat flour, sea salt, yam flour(discorea japonica)
keep away from light, heat and moisture
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 348 kcal (1475 kJ) ; fat 2,7g, of which saturates 0,6g ; carbohydrate 68g, of which sugars 3,9g ; protein 13g ; salt 3,0g.
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