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Yuzu men with Yuzu somen

Yuzu men with Yuzu somen

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Yuzu men with Yuzu somen

You will appreciate the delicious flavor, the freshness of yuzu when tasting your yuzu men with yuzu somen.


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Fukushima, located in the northeast of the island of Honshu, is the border region in Japan for the production of yuzu, a very fresh small citrus fruit, with notes of green mandarin and lemon.
This fruit grows particularly in areas with a mild, temperate climate.
Fukushima forms a basin and enjoys adequate temperatures.

These somen are made by hand without using vegetable oil in the dough.
It takes two days to complete each noodle, alternating between ripening and stretching.
Somen are made with only wheat flour and salted water, then yuzu powder, with no additives, making it a healthy food.
We advise you to enjoy them cold, accompanied by soy sauce in dashi broth "dashi shoyu".

These artisanal somen, delicate to cook, require the following steps to be observed point by point:
• Bring 2 liters of water to a boil
• Immerse the somen in boiling water
• Stir gently for 4 minutes until the somen are translucent
• Taste to check the texture
• Remove from heat and transfer to a colander
• Rinse with very cold water, stirring them gently
• Drain
• Enjoy within 5 minutes of rinsing for optimal flavor and texture.

Fukushima, Japan
180 g net
wheat flour, salt, 1.88% yuzu, Corn starch (traces)
keep away from light, heat and moisture
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 338 kcal (1436 kJ) ; fat 1,1g, of which saturates 0,32g ; carbohydrate 69,6g, of which sugars 3,5g ; dietary fiber 2,1g; protein 11,5g ; salt 4,50g.
no additive
Recommanded use

Yanai Seimen has been in existence since 1916. Its founder was a member of one of the most famous world renowned Japanese noodle producer "dynasties" from the town of Sukagawa ( Fukushima ) during the Edo period ( 1603-1867 ).

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