2 years old barley Mugi miso paste Miso
  • 2 years old barley Mugi miso paste Miso
  • 2 years old barley Mugi miso paste Miso

2 years old barley Mugi miso paste

2 years old barley Mugi miso paste

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2 years old barley Mugi miso paste

Barley miso, or mugi miso, very popular on Kyushu Island (southern Japan), is made out of fermented barley.

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The amount of ferment used is more important than for other miso, which gives it a more intense flavor.
Japanese chefs sieve it before using it to take off all the dark spots characteristic of this product.
This operation is made to enhance this miso’s taste because the ferment present in barley is exposed to open air for the first time.
The miso takes quickly a darker color, which does not alter in any way neither its taste nor its food quality.
Our barley miso Mugi miso has been through a fermentation process of 2 years.

Our perfect combination : barley miso can spice up your pastas, rice, woks, vegetable stir fried, foil cooking, stocks, sauces, mayonnaise etc.
As an appetizer it will be excellent with raw vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, French endive, cauliflower etc).
You can also coat your foie gras of fish fillet and let them rest 24 to 48 hours before pan frying them : delicious !
Miso, in Japan, is reputed to prevent cholesterol as well as high blood pressure.


Saga, Japan
700 g net
40 % barley, water, soy, salt, aspergillus oryzae
Freeze for longer storage (12 months)
keep refrigerated
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 195 kcal (821 kJ) ; fat 4,9g, of which saturates 0,9g ; carbohydrate 28g, of which sugars 16g ; protein 9,8g ; salt 9,4g.
Recommanded use

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