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Katsuobushi Pack Katsuobushi
  • Katsuobushi Pack Katsuobushi
  • Katsuobushi Pack Katsuobushi
  • Katsuobushi Pack Katsuobushi
  • Katsuobushi Pack Katsuobushi

Katsuobushi Pack

Katsuobushi Pack


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Katsuobushi Pack :

1 Katsuobushi grater (small) + 1 piece of Yaizu Katsuobushi (65-95 g)
Price : 39,95€ TTC  in place of 48€ TTC (if products purchased separately)


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Katsuobushi :
Japanese people have developped a culinary culture around fish, especially Katsuobushi.
Katsuobushi is the result of simmering bonito in hot water and then smoking and drying it.

Reduced to fine chips using a traditional grater, Katsuobushi brings delicate, elegant and aromatic taste notes.
“Umami” is naturally present. Katsuobushi is a safe, good, aesthetic, gleaming, greedy and aromatic product.

It sublimes a dish, perks up the taste of a fish, spices up a seafood dish. Katsuobushi will make a plain omelet… so tasty and outstanding.

For Katsuobushi, the only limits of cooking applications are the ones imposed by your imagination.

Katsuobushi grater :
This Katsuobushi grater is great for everyday use in the home.
It is already preset to produce very fine flakes.
Our preparation tips : when you start grating Katsuobushi, the outer part is always fairly hard and mainly turns into powder.
This powder is perfect for seasoning broths, pasta, rice, vegetables.
As soon as you get to the soft part, you start making flakes.

Yaizu, Japan
grater : 205 g - bonito : 65-95 g
grater : 165 x 54 x 50 mm
1 piece
vacuum pack
100% bonito
once open, please wrap in transparent film and store in down part of refrigerater
dried bonito
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 331 kcal (1399 kJ) ; fat 5,8 g, of which saturates 2,0 g ; carbohydrate 1,4 g, of which sugars <0,5 g ; protein 68 g ; salt 0,89 g.
grater : external: AS resin, shaving plate: White oak(North America) • blade: carbon tool steel SK2
Recommanded use

Authentic Katsuobushi from Yaizu

More about Katsuobushi from Yaizu, download PDF brochure

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