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Yaizu Katsuobushi
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  • Yaizu Katsuobushi
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Yaizu Katsuobushi

Yaizu Katsuobushi

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Japanese people have developped a culinary culture around fish, especially Katsuobushi.
​​​​​​​Katsuobushi is the result of simmering bonito in hot water and then smoking and drying it.


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Reduced to fine chips using a traditional grater, Katsuobushi brings delicate, elegant and aromatic taste notes.
“Umami” is naturally present. Katsuobushi is a safe, good, aesthetic, gleaming, greedy and aromatic product.

It sublimes a dish, perks up the taste of a fish, spices up a seafood dish. Katsuobushi will make a plain omelet… so tasty and outstanding.

For Katsuobushi, the only limits of cooking applications are the ones imposed by your imagination.

Yaizu, Japan
vacuum pack
100% bonito
once open, please wrap in transparent film and store in down part of refrigerater
dried bonito
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 331 kcal (1399 kJ) ; fat 5,8 g, of which saturates 2,0 g ; carbohydrate 1,4 g, of which sugars <0,5 g ; protein 68 g ; salt 0,89 g.

Authentic Katsuobushi from Yaizu

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