Sea urchins flavored soy sauce Japanese sauces
  • Sea urchins flavored soy sauce Japanese sauces
  • Sea urchins flavored soy sauce Japanese sauces

Sea urchins flavored soy sauce

Sea urchins flavored soy sauce

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Our sea urchin soy sauce is made exclusively from natural ingredients and stands out with very balanced flavors.

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Japanese people love sea urchin. It’s in this country that you will taste the best sea urchins in the world. They are creamy and express very elegant taste notes.
Our sea urchin sauce has the particularity of being without additives, coloring or preservatives. The amount of sea urchin used is just balanced.
The notes are iodized, marine, sweet, round, characteristic, good balance between sweetness, very slight bitterness, a touch of hazelnut.
You will appreciate the creamy, smooth texture.

Our perfect pairings : soft or fried eggs, hot rice, risottos, creamed pasta, fish tartars, sashimi, shabu-shabu.  

Yamaguchi, Japan
120 ml net
glass flask
soy sauce (soy, wheat, salt, alcohol), reduced sugar syrup, seasoned malted rice (rice, glucose, salt, grapes, starch syrup, fructose syrup), sake lees, water, prepared sea urchin 5.26% ( sea urchin, salt), sugar, sea urchin prepared in flakes (sea urchin, hake "Theragra chalcogramma", sugar), starch, salt
protected from light and heat
refrigerate after opening
sea urchin
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 145 kcal (616 kJ) ; fat 0,8g, of which saturates 0,37g ; carbohydrate 29,6g, of which sugars 7,5g ; protein 4,8g ; salt 6,098g.
no additive
no coloring
no preservative

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