Nagano Prefecture original variety "Kaze sayaka" Rice
  • Nagano Prefecture original variety "Kaze sayaka" Rice

Nagano Prefecture original variety "Kaze sayaka"

Nagano Prefecture original variety "Kaze sayaka"

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Nagano Prefecture original variety Japanese rice "Kaze sayaka"

Kaze sayaka japanese rice is a new variety of rice developed in Nagano Prefecture, famous for its temperature variations through the seasons and for cultivating delicious rice of very high quality.


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It is an elegant and refined rice with a firm grain texture, a slight sweet aroma, and a rich flavor and sweetness that spreads in your mouth as you chew.
It is soft, smooth on the tongue and smooth on the throat.
Japanese people speak of it as a rich and fragrant rice in the new rice season and, from the beginning of summer, lend it a refreshing aroma and sweetness.
This Kaze Sayaka rice goes well with dashi and can be served with casseroles (boiled fish), fried eggs (tamagoyaki) and oden, etc. in Japan.
Since it has a light and refreshing taste, it is also particularly recommended for sushi.

Nagano, Japan
1 kg net
5 kg net
Kraft paper bag for 1 kg
100% Kaze Sayaka variety rice
keep away from light, heat and moisture
Recommanded use

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