Genghis Khan barbecue grill plate
  • Genghis Khan barbecue grill plate

Genghis Khan barbecue grill plate

Genghis Khan barbecue grill plate

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From the end of the 12th century to the beginning of the 13th century, Genghis Khan's troops traveled on foot and horseback in their conquest of China, with their equipment reduced to a minimum to ensure rapid progress and surprise attacks...


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The soldiers traveled with live sheep as their major food source.
The soldiers' helmets had edges and the central part was curved and rounded.
They would put their helmets on the fire embers and use them to cook the cut-up mutton.
The northern Japanese, from the Hokkaido region, were inspired by this, creating grill plates following the same idea, now called the Genghis Khan Barbecue.
The meat cooks quickly and can be enjoyed after briefly dipping it into Genghis Khan barbecue sauce. Ideally accompanied by green salad, tomatoes, rice, cucumber, onions.
For a good maintenance, lightly oil your plate after each use once perfectly cleaned.

Our perfect combination : The idea is to put the plate on charcoal or a barbecue, ideally using binchotan charcoal, then oil it with mutton fat or beef fat, and quickly grill the mutton or beef cut beef in thin slices, as well as garlic and sliced ​​onions.

3.3 kg
Ø : 290 mm - H : 48 mm

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