The best of Japanese tea Gift box

The best of Japanese tea Gift box

The best of Japanese tea Gift box

Réference : NISCOFNOEL6

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The finest Japanese teas come to you
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This luxurious box set includes:
. 1 Organic roasted Hôjicha tea 200 g (Réf : NISHAMU7)
. 1 Sachets for infusing tea 60 pieces (Réf : NISSIT1)
. 1 Organic Sencha tea, sachets 30 g (Réf : NISHAMU4)
. 1 Organic Fuji Matcha tea 50 g (Réf : NISCHIK6-S)
. 1 Tea box 40 g Ø 74 mm (Réf : NISOKU6)
. 1 Tea box 40 g Ø 53 mm (Réf : NISOKU2)
Your Tote Bag with Nishikidôri design

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The best of Japanese tea Gift box

For connoisseurs of exceptional teas


 Organic roasted Hôjicha tea (Réf : NISHAMU7) : a woody aroma with sweet and perfumed notes >>> More


 Sachets for infusing tea (Réf : NISSIT1) : Fill-your-own tea bags can be found in all Japanese households >>> More


 Organic Sencha tea, sachets (Réf : NISHAMU4) : vegetal and floral notes, fresh taste with slightly iodized touches >>> More


 Organic Fuji Matcha tea (Réf : NISCHIK6-S) : a rich taste of green tea and a beautiful green color >>> More


 Red Tea box (Réf : NISOKU6) : Traditional metal tea box >>> More


 Purple Tea box (Réf : NISOKU2) : metal tea box covered with traditional Japanese paper >>> More

Box size
225 x 225 x 105 mm

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