Home made Tokushima Sudachi puree
  • Home made Tokushima Sudachi puree
  • Home made Tokushima Sudachi puree
  • Home made Tokushima Sudachi puree
  • Home made Tokushima Sudachi puree

Home made Tokushima Sudachi puree

Home made Tokushima Sudachi puree

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The Sudachi (citrus sudachi) is another iconic citrus fruit from Japan. Its production, of around 5 000 tonnes, is 98% concentrated on Shikoku Island, and more precisely in Tokushima Prefecture.


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The weather conditions are very suitable - a moderate climate and average rainfall. The fruit is very sensitive to its main enemies; the wind and rain, and then the many deer and wild boar in the surrounding countryside who feed on the tree bark.
The fruit used to make this puree is exclusively sourced from the few rare farms approved for Europe, which are strictly controlled. They are farmed sustainably and in open-field cultivation (we refuse fruit grown under glass as it is saturated in pesticides).
The Japanese harvest the Sudachi while they are still green because they love its sharp acidity. The harvest period is short, from late August - early September to mid-October.
The fruit is quite small, from Ø 30 to 55 mm, and has many seeds. We import the fresh fruit to France from Japan then deliver it to our selected artisan, who still cooks in small traditional cooking pots.
The fruits are seeded by hand, then sliced and gently cooked in small quantities in the pot. It is important to keep the fruit’s freshness and not to caramelize the juice.

Our perfect combination : the puree is tasty, full of pieces of fruit, very balanced and low in sugar. Many cooks use it to accompany smoked salmon, foie gras, shellfish and crustaceans, white fish, duck breasts and other red meats.
Pastry chefs, chocolatiers, bartenders and caterers love it too.
Finally, cheese makers recommend it with fresh, dry or semi-dry goat or sheep’s cheese.

Our puree contains just two ingredients : Sudachi and light syrup made with water and sugar.

manufactured in France using fresh sudachi fruits from Tokushima, Japan
210 g net
glass jar
56.50% sudachi from Tokushima (Citrus Sudachi), syrup (water, sugar)
protected from light and heat
refrigerate after opening
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 166 kcal (707 kJ) ; fat 0,4g, of which saturates 0,13g ; carbohydrate 40,1g, of which sugars 35,7g ; protein 0,6g ; salt < 0,01g.
no additive
no coloring
no preservative
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