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  • Dried Magnolia leaves Flowers & leaves
  • Dried Magnolia leaves Flowers & leaves

Dried Magnolia leaves

Dried Magnolia leaves

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Dried Magnolia leaves

Magnolia's leaf for "Hoba" is peculiar to the table barbecue cooking with miso.


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In Japan, every guest can use a small table barbecue. The magnolia leaf is briefly washed then dried with an absorbing paper. Then people put in the center of the leaf a thick layer (10 cm x 8 cm x 0.5 to 1 cm) of country miso, or hatcho miso, or red miso (mixed with a little bit of mirin and dashi stock for a creamy texture), or dengaku miso or white miso.
You can also add shiitake mushrooms, or Paris mushrooms in thin strip, chive or young leeks beveled, and also duck, beef (with country miso / dehgaku / aka-dashi / red) thin slices, chicken or veal (with degaku miso, or white miso) or even fish fillet (with white miso). Let the whole cook on the magnolia leaf (which will not tear with barbecue's heat) and you can eat it on a nice white rice.

Our perfect combination : A litle recipe of my own: mix 3 spoons of country miso, 1 spoon of mirin or Izumo Zidenshu sake, 1 coffee spoon of sugar). Mix well to obtain a creamy texture and spread the mix on a magolia leaf, make sure you have around 5 mm thickness of the mix. Then add a few slices of very marbled beef, shiitake strips, young leeks strips. Let cook for 10 minutes.

29-36 cm
20 pieces
100 pieces
100% magnolia leaves
dry away from direct sunlight and moisture
Recommanded use
Presence of an anti moisture bag in this product. Do not consume

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