Forest pepper from Lai Chau
  • Forest pepper from Lai Chau
  • Forest pepper from Lai Chau

Forest pepper from Lai Chau

Forest pepper from Lai Chau

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It has a very pleasant nose, marked by bright citrus notes as well as Corsican clementine and eucalyptus with aniseed and menthol peaks. These are followed by warmer notes which are sweet, delicious, evoking candied citron and angelica. In the palate it develops a brief and delicate spice, followed by a pleasant bitterness which fades quickly to leave place for a long-lasting finish with very marked citrus notes. It is a subtle and delicate "pepper", rich in flavor.

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Forest pepper from Lai Chau

This false pepper is harvested late in the year from a tree which grows spontaneously in the mountainous areas of the Indochinese peninsula.
It comes from Vietnam. It is called "mountain pepper", not because it is found on the high peaks, but because it grows in the treetops.
French settlers called it "flower pepper" and the English "Indian Prickly Ash". It is a close relative of the Chinese Sichuan and Japanese sansho "peppers", but it is much finer, more elegant and easier to use than either. Also it doesn't have the anaesthetic effect of the Sichuan.


Our perfect combination : can be of course used with sea food, crustaceans, fatty fish but also with meat such as guinea fowl, pigeon, lamb, sweet and sour pork and a nice side of veal. You can successfully use it in soups, broths, with steamed vegetables, button mushroom salads, caramelized chicory. It will subtly enhance fresh goats' cheese with a little olive oil. It will surprise your guests in fruit salads, fruits poached in wine, mousses, ice creams or sorbets. It goes especially well with pineapple, red fruits, citrus fruits, and can be astonishing with chocolate.
It works surprisingly well everywhere in fact.
Avoid cooking it. Use it at the last moment with a fine grind.

Lai Chau, Vietnam
1 kg net
30 g net
500 g net
100 % whole wild mountain "pepper"
Zanthoxylum rhetsa
keep away from light, heat and moisture
Le Comptoir des Poivres'scale (spiciness intensity from 1 to 10)
Recommanded use
Ice Cream

Nous sommes fiers d'être des épiciers et souhaitons redonner à ce métier ses lettres de noblesse. Le Comptoir des Poivres est un épicier et le revendique...

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