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Sparasis crispa and Maguro Dashi broth to infuse

Sparasis crispa and Maguro Dashi broth to infuse

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When it comes to the quality, in terms of dashi, near catering professionals in Kyoto, a name often comes up, that of the workshop Uneno and its owners of the fourth generation, Motofusa and Yoshiko Uneno. One hundred years of mastered know-how are offered for this dashi.

50 g net to prepare 5 liters broth


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The major ingredient, kombu, can be wild or cropped but comes exclusively from Rishiri Island, north of Hokkaido, one of the best origins in the world. As for the culture kombu, the Uneno family has trusted the same producer for over thirty years. The latter only produces for them.
The dashi proposed here is unique, fresh, rich in flavors.

Our perfect combination : duck meat, red meats, poultries, wild mushrooms.

Preparation : set your infusion bag in a saucepan containing 5 liters of cold water. Bring to a boil and keep boiling for 10 minutes. Remove from heat, the dashi is ready.

Kyoto, Japan
50 g net sachet
Rishiri kombu from Hokkaido, katsuobushi dried bonito, 10% maguro dried tuna, 10% sparasis crispa wild mushroom
keep away from light, heat and moisture
dried bonito, tuna fish
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 317 kcal (1342 kJ) ; fat 3,1g, of which saturates 1,11g ; carbohydrate 53,4g, of which sugars <0,2g ; protein 18,8g ; salt 4,90g.

Typical & authentic : UNENO style Dashi

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