KANESA's motto isn't misleading: "respect the traditions, always do your best to make the best miso »
Miso isn't only a traditional Japanese product but also one of the most popular and healthy foods in Japan.
Founded in 1875, Kanesa set up business in the Tsugaru region, Aomori Prefecture ( north of Japan), very rich in vegetation and a perfect region to produce miso.
The reputation of Kanesa products hasn't changed for more than 130 years : "delicious and good for your health".
In 1982, Kanesa obtained an international patent crowning its production method for freeze-dried miso known as "paramiso ".
Its unique freeze dry production method preserves the natural miso taste and has been awarded gold medals at the seven last prestigious "World Selection" events which groups into categories and crowns the World's finest foods.

Tsugaru Miso means miso from the Tsugaru region, in other words miso produced in the renowned Aomori Prefecture. It's a red miso made from soya and rice koji, fermented over a long period dictated by the hard Tsugaru region climate.
In the past this miso was characterised by a high salt level, more than 13%.
A more reasoned production method has made it possible to reduce this rate to around 11 %. The fermentation period is still long and the umami (" the fifth taste") very evident.

Kanesa freeze-dried miso soups are not ordinary instant miso soups .
The first instant miso soup, produced around 30 years ago, wasn't produced by miso specialists. The miso taste is generally hidden even non-existent.
Kanesa freeze-dried miso soup is recognizable by its strong miso smell and keeps its promise : natural miso smell, long in the mouth, umami.
It dissolves perfectly, preferably in a dashi stock or in water or any other stock. You can adjust the taste as you want it : light, balanced or strong. As it dissolves it can be used in the same way as an aromatic stock base for sauces.
It can be kept in good condition for long periods thanks to its airtight container.