Hokkaïdo Beet Kokuto, founded in 2008, created this product after realising that dark sugar made from sugar beet was nowhere on the market. Only dark liquid sugar made from Amami Oshima or Okinawa sugar cane could be found in Japan. All sugar producers agreed that it wasn't possible to make dark sugar from beet and even less in its liquid form because the raw material, beet, is different to sugar cane.
The creation of this new sugar is the fruit of close collaboration between a Hokkaido sugar beet syrup producer and a producer of dark sugar from the town of Otiman on Okinawa Island. The research was aimed at getting as close as posible to the texture of dark cane sugar. Almost 18 months of research and trials were necessary to create and finalise this delicacy. This little wonder was called "Tensai Beet-Kun" (a play on words: Tensai meaning sugar beet, but also "the genius")