Kyushu island in Japan and more precisely the Kuma basin to the south of Kumamoto prefecture, has been the most well-known for the production of rice Shôchû  for more than five centuries. Kuma basin benefits from the three essential conditions to produce the best rice shôchû:
Very pure water (crossed as it is by one of the clearest and purest rivers in Japan)
A special climate (hot days and cold nights) with pure air.
The production of excellent quality rice thanks to exceptional quality water, climatic conditions and air. Known as "Kuma Shôchû", this spirit has a PGS, Protected Geographical Status. 

To be awarded the PGS "Kuma Shôchû", the shôchû must be elaborated exclusively from rice and very pure river Kuma water, with respect for traditional methods and the producer must be listed among the 28 shôchû houses in the Kuma basin (Kumamoto prefecture) 

Shôchû is an "eau de vie" (literally distilled spirit) distilled from rice, barley or buckwheat or sweet potato or even dark sugar. 

Fusa no Tsuyu 
Fusa no Tsuyu, founded in 1907, is set apart by the exceptional quality of its shôchu.
It is constantly committed to producing the best quality best shôchû, through respect for traditions, strict principles, it mastery of the process creating an original taste, found nowhere else, and passing on this know-how from generation to generation. 


What are the strong points of Fusa no Tsuyu : 

1. The mellowness of its shôchû thanks to a slow, monitored ageing( up to 30 years and more) 

2. The quality of the raw materials used (essential to produce the best shôchû) 

3. The shôchû quality itself: shochu is alive and the temperature, humidity, ingredients, starch cannot be monitored enough… shôchû craftsmen are always worried about the final taste of their shôchû and until the final tasting their hearts continue to beat fast. 
4. Traditonal processes: Production secrets are passed on from generation to generation. Passion, conviction and experience in shôchû production make up the art and the tradition and create the original taste of Fusa no Tsuyu products. The resulting balance can be found in the taste.