Unique rice, from paddy field to plate

Healthy, natural rice from a committed farm
Wakatsuki farm on Hokkaïdo island to the north of Japan has been well known since 1975 for the high quality of its rice grown with passion. Acknowledged as an "ecological farm" in 2004, it applies its philosophy of renewable farming practices and its motto is as always: "Produce delicious, healthy rice for consumers".

A rare production
For some years, Wakatsuki farm has turned some of the eight-hectare paddy fields over to so-called "Fuyumizu" rice growing. This production, without herbicides nor pesticides, gives a unique rice in its genre: "daichi no hoshi" (literally "star of the earth") risotto rice, With only one thousand eight hundred kilos per year, this restricted production resulting from forward-looking and natural processes has an exceptional character. Why are "Fuyumizu" paddy fields exceptional?
When the winter comes the "Fuyumizu" paddy fields are not emptied as are traditional paddy fields. This "winter water", sometimes coming from melting snows, naturally feeds the earth encouraging the spread of earthworms which feed the paddy fields, moreover enriched by natural manure. Hokkaïdo is well known for its heavy snowfalls of frequently more than one metre. These layers of snow stop the paddy fields from freezing over and life can continue.