Marushige farm is in the town of Katsuragi-cho, Itsu-gun province, north east of Wakayama-ken.
To its north lies the Izumi mountain range and to its south the Kiï-sanchi mountains.
The river Kinogawa crosses the town from east to west.
This very rural region is well known for its abundance of wild fauna ( hares, wild boar, monkeys, deer, raccoons). It is also an agricultural area well known for its fruit harvested throught the year such as the seedless kaki, strawberries, peaches, grapes, apples, chestnuts…Harvesting fruit outside is one of the major Japanese tourist attractions. 

The main activity of Marushigé farm is growing the seedless kaki and mikan mandarin. Since 2004, it has developed a range of by-products: dried fruit, cakes and other confectionery.
Marushige farm is committed to a form of 'reasoned' farming which produces healthy, safe and naturally good products. 

Hitohira Kaki is 100 % natural, dried simply with no additives, colour nor preservative.
The kakis are very carefully peeled one by one then sliced to a good thickness.
Then they are naturally dried until they are neither too soft nor too dry. A sachet contains the equivalent of 3 to 4 fruits. The white powder on the surface of the slices is fructose and therefore excellent for health.