Marui Seimai Factory is located in Towada, Aomori prefecture. They use only carefully selected locally grown ingredients.

The puffed rice and buckwheat are health-conscious Japanese alternatives to popcorn as they are healthy, wholesome, and nutritious. 

Puffed rice (Pon-gashi in Japanese) used to be a popular snack for kids in Japan. In the early 1900s, street vendors carried a puffed machine and made it at festivals. When cooked, it makes a big noise. The word “Pon” comes from this sound, but the real sound is much louder like a bomb exploding! 

These puffed products are created by placing whole grains under high pressure with steam in a containment vessel. It has simple taste and unique texture. 

Rice pon has a crispy texture and natural sweetness. It can be eat as it is and also good for an accent for meals and sweets.

Dattan soba pon is excellent when brewing green tea by adding small amount to loose the tea. The taste totally changes.