Nihon Kanpou Kenkyujo is the first company specialized in edible charcoal (since 1998). According to their motto, nowadays we are ingesting too many nutrients which are perturbing our endocrinal system. Added to anyone’s diet, the bamboo charcoal powder is absorbing all impurities and excessive nutrients accumulated in the body. Those undesirable particles are absorbed by the porosity in the charcoal and are eliminated through natural way. This powder is very thin (5 micron on average), very light, without taste or odour and is not modifying in any way the other ingredients. Its absorption power is 10 times superior to normal charcoal, and it is very rich in minerals (iron, manganese, calcium) and in fibres. It’s very dark ebony colour is acclaimed by cook and pastry chefs in Japan. With a pH superior to 9, it gives to any ingredient a pleasant alkaline mildness. Integrated in bread dough, it develops a lasting mellowness. Used with strong tasted or spicy preparation (garlic, ham, sausage…) it help smoothering the odours.