The story of Naraya goes back to 1750. 
This company started life producing sake ( fermented rice wine) in the town of Tajima, Fukushima prefecture in the north of Japan.
The elaboration of "sobas" buckwheat noodles only began in 1947.

Naraya Soba is based at Minami Aizucho, Aizu region ( Fukushima ). The altitude varies between 600 and 1000 m and buckwheat has been grown there for several centuries.

Minami-Aizucho town is surrounded by mountains and is completely covered in snow in the winter. Spring arrives late and the rivers flow with the waters from the melting snows. In summer the green vegetation covered mountains contrast with the buckwheat fields sprinkled with myriads of white flowers. In autumn, nature is in full fling, a real canvas of colours ( reds, browns and yellows…).

Naraya Soba always selects the best ingredients with maximum rigour. Natural flavours are primordial. 
The soba are traditionally handmade respecting age-old methods. Just before the soba are made the buckwheat seeds are ground on millstones by the producers to retain their powerful aroma.

Naraya Soba master craftsmen hand down their production traditions and secrets from generation to generation in this region blessed by nature.