Mutemuka is located in Shimanto Chou, on Shikoku island in the south west of Kochi prefecture in the Takaoka-Gun region.
Shimanto Chou faces Tosa bay along the river Shimanto-gawa.
Mutemuka is in Taishou ( 3200 inhabitants, rich vegetation and the pure river Shimanto-gawa, 196 km long and famous for the numerous films scenes shot there).

Like people, like the earth

The 1st generation, Mutemuka Inc. started producing sake in1893. Mutemuka is also the company motto, which can be trasnlated as: "do not be proud but simple and honest, make sake using the natural wealth of the region as much as possible ".
The sake production tradition at MUTEMUKA follows three principles: good quality, delicious, healthy

1.The rice used in the sake is contractually grown by handpicked producers. Sake quality depends on rice quality. The rice used by Mutemuka is always organic. Only organic fertilisers are used and insecticides are forbidden. Growing is complicated ( sheets of paper are spread over the paddy fields and the rice planted through holes in the paper. This is very efficient because it isn't necessary to use chemical insecticides. What is more, the environment is protected. The plant fibre paper is also biodegradable! ).

2.The fertiliser used to grow the rice is organic: it is shôchu chestnut marc (distilled chestnut spirit)