Morita MoARC was founded by twenty or so young farmers and engineers who wanted to create their own agricultural research centre, specialised in the production of organic products.
Its organic farm, started in 1999, is located in Tsukuba, Ibaraki prefecture to the north of Tokyo.
MoARC speciality is found in its use of farming methods based on natural recycling.
All of the inputs are natural, coming from grasses and plants which grew in soil which has never been sprayed with any chemical products ( neither fertilizer nor pesticide…).
In fact, health is a priority for MoARC.

As a result of its success, Morita MoARC has now founded two new companies: MoARC Foods and MoARC Food Development. These two companies elaborate products coming from the fruit and vegetables grown on the group's organic farm.

MoARC strong points are diverse:

- Total control of the land cultivated
- A quality label superior to the standard Japanese one
- Use of compost which has not been contaminated by chemicals ( These grasses are rich in solar energy and the addition of efficient micro-organisms isn't needed. - The compost is made naturally with aborigine micro-organisms )
- Use of natural atypical products for compost : dried bonito and rice bran remains for tomatoes, strawberries, corn, broad beans ( bonito and rice bran are very rich in amino acids and increase the growth of fruit and vegetables and considerably improve their taste and colour.
- An unparalleled traceability right to the consumers plate (all the stages from the preparation of the compost to the harvest, selection, packaging and delivery are all managed by MoARC)
- A unique MoARC philosophy : process quality raw material into final products, by concentrating on health and taste qualities, without ever adding colour, preservative or artificial additive.