Mifukuan, located in the centre of Saga prefecture in the north west of Kyushu island (south of Japan), started producing yuzukosho in 1964 and developed its own farm to grow yuzu in 1969.
Yuzu and strong pepper are the essential ingredients for the emblematic condiment of Kyushu : yuzukosho.
At the moment, around a dozen farms (situated locally and some of them for more than 20 years) grow the strong, red peppers for Mifukuan. Only the best peppers are chosen.

The different steps in the production of yuzukosho are very important : harvesting, pickling, fermentation and amount of salt are all carefully calculated.

Strong peppers are harvested from mid-August.
Immediately after the daily harvest the fresh peppers are cut and placed in brine.
From mid-September, green yuzu is harvested and washed, the peel which has not been pressed is removed, finely chopped and put in brine and the juice extracted from the pulp is kept apart.

The yuzu, strong pepper and sea salt fermentation lasts at least 6 months to obtain quality yuzukosho.

Mifukuan yuzukosho is natural without additives, preservative, colour nor stabilizer and the salt is exclusively sea salt harvested off Genkai (on Kyushu island). The amount of salt is deliberately reduced to preserve the original yuzu and pepper flavours and aromas.