Matsumaeya, located in Osaka, has been a specialist of kombu seaweed for already a century (established in 1912). On Hokkaido island, where the population is renown has being the most connaisseurs and demanding about kombu seaweed, the brand MATSUMAEYA is representing the very best of kombu. The clan "Matsumae Han" has been distributed and promoting this artisan troughout all Japan and eventually even gave it's name.

Traditionnal method of production are preserved. Everything is hand made, from selection of the seaweeds toward their transformation.

Kombu is an essential ingredient in japanese cuisine. It is at the base of all dashi stock, can be used to wrap food (giving subtles fragrances and tastes) or be eaten as it is, in it's simplest form.

Tsukudani (seafood, meat or seaweed simmered in soy sauce and mirin) from Matsumaeya will convince even the most sceptical.

Very recently, japanese gastronomy is becoming more and more popular troughout the World. However, only a few restaurants are still serving authentic traditional japanese cuisine.

Seasoning plays an essential role. Matsumaeya has developped an exceptional condiment based on kombu, shiitake and fish to bring a beautifull touch to japanese and western dishes : UMAMI MIZUSHIO and FUMI MIZUSHIO. Actually, this condiment can be trace back through ancient books to at least 5 centuries ago, well before soy sauce was used.