Neri Kasu sake lees paste Condiment
  • Neri Kasu sake lees paste Condiment

Neri Kasu sake lees paste

Neri Kasu sake lees paste

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Neri Kasu sake lees paste

What is "sake kasu", literally sake lees?


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Kasu is the solid, white residue left after pressing the fermentation must from a nihonshu or sake tank. It contains 6-8% of residual alcohol, which can be removed by heating.
Despite its high nutritional value, its production and sales are tending to decrease in Japan due to the decline in sake production.
It is made of rice and rice koji (rice sown with the aspergillus oryzae fungus).
Sometimes a little distilled alcohol will have been added to the fermentation must.
It doesn’t contain any colorants, preservatives or flavor enhancers.
It is very healthy - rich in proteins, B vitamins, fibre, etc... It is sometimes used in beauty treatments as it helps remove sebum, promoting beautiful and healthy skin. With its high concentration in polyphenols, it is a powerful antioxidant whose anti-ageing effects are praised by the Japanese.
For its sake, the producer uses 4 varieties of carefully selected rice produced in the Nagano region, and a delicious groundwater.
Their sake has a beautiful balance of sweetness, acidity, bitterness and astringency.

Our perfect combination : sake kasu is used in bread, pastries, chocolate, ice cream, various sauces, dips mixed with cottage cheese, as some examples.

Nagano, Japan
500 g net
rice, distilled sugar cane alcohol, rice koji (rice, aspergillus oryzae)
keep refrigerated
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 178 kcal (754 kJ) ; fat 2,8g, of which saturates 1,01g ; carbohydrate 25,5g, of which sugars 11,1g ; protein 12,8g ; salt <0,01g.
no coloring
no flavor enhancers
no preservative
Recommanded use

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