Hon Mirin Condiment Shippou Sake-Kasu-Dori-Shoshu-Jikomi Condiment
  • Hon Mirin Condiment Shippou Sake-Kasu-Dori-Shoshu-Jikomi Condiment

Hon Mirin Condiment Shippou Sake-Kasu-Dori-Shoshu-Jikomi

Hon Mirin Condiment Shippou Sake-Kasu-Dori-Shoshu-Jikomi

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Mirin condiment

Our artisan brewer Yoneda Shuzo has been making exceptional mirin for over a century. The particularity of this mirin lies in the fact that it is made from glutinous rice, malted glutinous rice and shochu lees.


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Hon Mirin Condiment Shippou Sake-Kasu-Dori-Shoshu-Jikomi

These lees are distilled by traditional atmospheric distillation (steam basket) and the quality of the malted rice gives this mirin a very unique, rich, deep flavor.

This traditional mirin, totally handcrafted, without additives, not sterilized, has been aged for a long time.

It has a syrupy consistency, an amber color, and a surprisingly woody aroma of humus, cocoa, vanilla, dried apricot, honey, sugar cane juice, maple, brown sugar and leather.

The palate is cocoa, coffee, blond sugar syrup, vanilla, blond caramel, sweet notes of old dark rum.

Our perfect pairings : it is recommended for meat dishes of character (game, offal, stews) and fish because it softens odors and flavors thanks to the rich and complex aroma derived from the lees of shochu.

Its natural sweetening power is perfect for pan-fried fruits, fruit salads...

Small basic recipes:

● Teriyaki sauce:
Mirin 1: Soy sauce 1 (add a small piece of rehydrated kombu lagoon and soak overnight. Reduce the sauce by one-third and top a grilled chicken cutlet.

● Cream sauce for grilled meat and fish: Mirin: 1 tablespoon, fresh cream 100 ml, soy sauce 1/2 tablespoon.

Shimane, Japan
720 ml net
glass flask
glutinous rice, lees of shochu (distilled rice alcohol), malted rice
protected from light and heat
Nutritional values
Per 100 ml : energy 211 kcal (890 kJ) ; fat <0,7g, of which saturates <0,01g ; carbohydrate 34,7g, of which sugars 34,7g ; protein 0,7g ; salt <0,01g.
no additive
Recommanded use
Volume of pure alcohol

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