Sobacha roasted buckwheat powder 1kg

Very fine buckwheat (soba in japanese) powder with blackwheat flavor

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Buckwheat (soba in Japanese) is very present in Japanese gastronomy, especially in the form of delicious and tasty noodles.
The product we offer exhales a delicious scent of buckwheat cake.
We asked our manufacturer to acquire a special machine in order to obtain it for us in the form of a very fine powder.
Cooks will be able to integrate it into their preparations, stuffings and other raviole pasta...
Chocolatiers, biscuit or ice cream makers will not be left out!
In its roasted form, buckwheat can be consumed as an infusion. Infused in a strong way, the liquid obtained is mahogany-coloured and will be able to gel and match perfectly with langoustine or scallops.

  • Ingredients : roasted buckwheat 100%
  • Packaging : 1 kg net bag
  • Storage : • Keep out from direct light, heat and moisture. To be stored in a cool place to preserve the quality of the buckwheat. It is recommended to use it quickly after opening. Storage temperature below 25°C.
  • Origin : Hokkaïdo, Japan
Shimane is famous for buckwheat production. Especially Izumo, where is the eastern area of Shimane Prefecture, is one of the four major soba production areas in Japan (Izumo soba from Izumo, Togakushi soba from Shinshu, Wanko soba from Morioka and Shirakawa soba from Fukushima).

The Shimane people also have a culture of combining soba and tea. For instance, Matsudaira Fumai, the famous tea master, was also a great soba lover. He was the daimyo of the Matsue Domain until his retirement in 1806. He received the Matsue domain through the production of iron goods and used the money to improve his collection of tea utensils. He founded a new school of tea with fewer rules and more to enjoy for the townspeople. So still now the Shimane people have a culture to drink soba tea in daily life.

However, in recent days, most of the buckwheat from Izumo is cultivated for production of noodle, so most of soba tea uses buckwheat from Hokkaido.

~Soba tea (buckwheat tea)~

In Japan people enjoy soba tea for its refreshing taste and health benefits. Made from the buckwheat plant, it has a hearty and toasty flavour. Naturally high in protein, vitamins and minerals, soba tea is good for digestion and high blood pressure. It's caffeine-free, so it's fine for pregnant women and small children.


First, boil the water. While the water is being heated, put the husked and roasted buckwheat (about 5g) into a warmed tea pot. Add the boiling water(about 200ml)and let steep for between one to five minutes depending on personal preference.

If using a stovetop kettle, simply add the buckwheat to the boiling water in the kettle, reduce the heat to low and simmer for a few minutes.

Other usages:

- After drinking you can eat used soba cha seeds as cooked cereals. The texture is similar to "couscous" and it has the fragrant flavour.

- You can eat the soba seeds as it is for toppings and snacks.

(ex. Topping for ice cream, covering for fried food, and mixing in salad etc.)

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Sobacha roasted buckwheat powder 1kg

Sobacha roasted buckwheat powder 1kg

Very fine buckwheat (soba in japanese) powder with blackwheat flavor

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