List of products by brand MARUSHO

The Marusho Rice vinegar Manufacture, in the heart of the Wakayama Prefecture, is specialized in rice vinegar production and derived condiments. Here, the methods of production, the fermentation processes are unchanged since 1879, date of company establising.

No cellars in composite material, just 12 Japanese cedar barrels in the cellar, without artificial light but sunlight through the windows. The aroma of fermented vinegars in wooden casks is so superior.

Each of these casks has been named in honor of great sumo champions since the generation of the grandfather of Seiji San (current president), a sumo fan. Each barrel is covered with a rug woven of wild rice leaves and kept at a temperature suitable for fermentation. Marusho vinegar is fermented and aged for 90 to 500 days, and Seiji San goes through each drum with a flashlight in his hand to listen to the vinegar breath every night.

The raw materials are carefully selected: quality fresh water (water source from Nachi Falls, 16 ° C all year round) and rice malt are needed to obtain good vinegar.

Rice is cultivated on rice paddies under sustainable agriculture. The other ingredients are authentic and high quality: shiitake mushrooms, bonito dashi, kombu seaweed, honjazo soy sauce sauce and hon mirin to flavor vinegar such as ponzu (citrus sauce) or sushi vinegar ; and local citrus fruit (for example, daidai or yuzu) for fruit vinegar. All products are preservative-free, and no other chemicals are used.