Black garlic from Aomori or Mie

Black garlic from Aomori or Mie

Black garlic from Aomori or Mie

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Black garlic is one of the delights from Aomori, but also from Mié. 


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Soft and powerful at the same time, it loses its strong garlic smell but retains the subtle fragrance, also developing very balsamic aromas. It is fermented during 45 to 60 days with extremely pure deep sea water. Under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity, it pickles itself, taking on a soft, very tender texture, close to that of dried apricot or plum pulp, of which we also find the flavors.

Consumption of black garlic is reputed in Japan, for its beneficial effects on health. Black garlic is natural, and very rich in S-Allyl-Cisteine, a neuroprotector and cardioprotector antioxidant. It is therefore known to have therapeutic virtues against excess lipids in the blood (cholesterol, triglycerides). It also helps blood circulation and reduces blood pressure. In Japan it is recommended for those suffering from high blood pressure or from diabetes, for slowing down the onset of senility, for strengthening the organism and fighting against the effects of tiredness.

Our perfect combination : mashed and mixed with a drop of virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, it will bring color and fruitiness to white fish dishes (sole, turbot, brill, bass etc) and meat (lamb, pork, poultry). Together with olive oil, tomato and onion, it will bring a nice touch to your sauces for marinades and frying. Sliced, it will delicately perfume pizzas, white rice, sautéed rice and pastas. Eaten as a dried fruit, it will be quite simply sublime...

Aomori or Mie, Japan
1 piece
5 pieces
100% black garlic
best refrigerated
Per 100 g : energy 240 kcal (1021 kJ) ; fat < 0,5g, of which saturates < 0,1g ; carbohydrate 52g, of which sugars 36g ; protein 7,8g ; salt < 0,01g.
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