Young freeze-dried Dadacha Mame soya beans
  • Young freeze-dried Dadacha Mame soya beans

Young freeze-dried Dadacha Mame soya beans

Young freeze-dried Dadacha Mame soya beans

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These small, extremely tasty DADACHA MAME beans are loved by everybody.


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This very special soya bean variety has been protected and conserved by Tsuruoka farmers since the EDO era.
The husk of this soya bean is browner than traditional soya beans. Taste-wise, it is much sweeter (like sweetcorn) and so rich in umami that they are highly addictive. The JA-TSURUOKA co-operative, located in Tsuruoka, Yamagata prefecture, is specialized in the cultivation of fruit, vegetables and rice.
One of its flagship products, very famous throughout the whole of Japan, is the young green freeze-dried soya bean, Dadacha Mame.
An interesting fact is that this variety of soya beans has never acclimatized to another area in Japan. The Tsuruoka region has therefore logically registered and protected the Dadacha Mame name. Harvest takes place every year from mid-August to early September as the bean is fragile. The young Dadacha Mame soya beans are renowned for their high rates of ornithine (amino acid), their low level of alanine and gaba (ƴ -aminobutyric acid). These three combined factors contribute to a high perception of the umami flavor.

Our perfect combination : freeze-dried green Dadacha Mame soya beans are mainly eaten to accompany sake, beer or even tea in Japan. Here they will delight pastry chefs and chocolatiers as well as cooks. Whole, covered in white, milk or black chocolate, they are highly addictive. Powdered, they can liven up butter, whipped cream… Whole, they bring crunchy vegetal notes to your mixed salads, rice or pasta.

Yamagata, Japan
30 g net
250 g net
freeze-dried green soya beans, salt (1%)
dry away from direct sunlight and moisture
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 473 kcal (1986 kJ) ; fat 20g, of which saturates 2,9g ; carbohydrate 34g, of which sugars 8,3g ; protein 39g ; salt 3,3g.
Ice Cream

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