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Yuzu koji amazake
  • Yuzu koji amazake

Yuzu koji amazake

Yuzu koji amazake

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Koji amazake contains no added sugar and is alcohol free. Kome koji (malted rice) is steamed rice that has been cultivated with the microscopic koji kin or Aspergillus Oryzae fungus (also used to make sake and rice miso).


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Yuzu koji amazake

Malted rice is therefore one of the most essential elements of Japanese food culture.
Normally, malted rice amazake does not use sugar because the rice starch is broken down into glucose during the fermentation process to produce sufficient sweetness.
Although its name contains the word "sake", Malted Rice Amazake is completely non-alcoholic.
It is safe for consumption by young children and pregnant women.


Koji amazake we offer is made from malted rice and uses only Japanese rice, malted rice and local river water as raw materials. It does not contain any sugar or preservatives. Unlike amazake made from sake lees, koji amazake is rich in minerals, owes its sweetness to glucose from the saccharification of rice starch, is moderately caloric, does not contain alcohol, provides a moderate amount of dietary fiber and is rich in essential amino acids.


This malted rice amazake with yuzu keeps its promises: yuzu is very present both in the nose and in the mouth, a lot of freshness, a magnificent acidity, a real candy.

Cocktail lovers will know how to magnify it.

It will accompany fresh fruits (strawberry, white peach, victoria pineapple) and chocolate compositions.

Embellished with ice flakes, it will impose itself as a remarkable granita.

Oita, Japan
500 ml net
glass flask
water, rice, malted rice, yuzu juice
best refrigerated
consume within 3 weeks after opening
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 100 kcal (425 kJ) ; fat <0,3g, of which saturates <0,01g ; carbohydrate 23g, of which sugars 17,38g ; protein 1,8g ; salt <0,01g.

The town of Saiki, where our craftsman "Bungo Meijyo" is located, is in the eastern part of Kyushu, a region surrounded by abundant nature. This well-known company has been making sake and shochu since 1910. In recent years, the company has become very successful in the Japanese market for its high quality koji amazake.

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