Special soy milk for Tofu making Tofu & Yuba

Special soy milk for Tofu making

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Banraï soy milk is unique on the market, made from 100% pure Japanese soybeans called fukuyutaka.


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Compared to other soybeans, they contain more protein and taste is more delicate. The water used to make Banraï soya milk is carefully selected from the groundwater of the Nohbi plain near the birthplace of Banraï.
Without any additives, Banraï soy milk benefi ts from a specifi c sterilization process that guarantees its high quality.
Thanks to its special process of manufacturing soymilk and tofu, Banraï uses all the soya beans. Above all, this process preserves the fl avors lost during the natural production of tofu. Naturally rich in soy protein (11% versus 2 to 6% on average for other soymilk market), lecithin and saponins, it allows you to make you even silky tofu using the natural Jun-Nigari coagulant. The tofu obtained is creamy, silky, tasty, refi ned.

Our perfect combination : this soymilk is very popular in cooking, baking, and ice cream.

For making tofu : place the soymilk the day before in the refrigerator so that it is cool. This step is very important to get a very good result.
1 - pour 125 ml of soy milk in ø12 cm ramekin.
2 - open 1 5 ml Jun-Nigari mini dose
3 - add 5 ml of Jun-Nigari to soy milk
4 - mix well soy milk ans coagulant
5 - place the ramekin in a bain-marie covering for steaming.

You will get 10 minutes later a silky tofu. For a firmer tofu, double your amount of Jun-Nigari.

Aichi, Japan
1 L net
Food brick
water, 21.50% soy beans (12% soy proteins ratio)
best refrigerated
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 66 kcal (275 kJ) ; fat 3,6g, of which saturates 0,66g ; carbohydrate 1,7g, of which sugars 0,82g ; protein 6,1g ; salt 0,0119g.

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