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Nature & tradition

Made with love and know-how, rice vinegar has no other ambition than adding value to the flavour of food, as subtly as possible. With this philosophy in mind, the Tobaya Suten family business has elaborated products of exceptional quality since 1710 which today travel far and wide to add a sparkle to all culinary styles.

Production secrets
Impossible to divulge the vinegar production secrets held by Tobaya Suten, except to say that nature is very important! At the heart of the traditional craftsmen's know-how is the fermentation, slow and natural, in large earthenware jugs. Mixed with sweet agave syrup – which only flowers once a century! – it has a rich taste, is low in calories, delicious and very healthy. For the rest, hand movements are essential, handed down unfailingly from generation to generation for three hundred years


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