Vinegars & sauces

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Vinegars & sauces


Nishikidôri has selected vinegars, sauces and natural oils for you, they are all coming from Japanese producers to season your salads and barbecues. The Japanese sauces are a main ingredient in the Japanese families’ refrigerators.

  • Dashi stock & sauces

    Dashi stock is the base, the root of the Japanese cooking. Dashi stock to infuse or concentrated is well appreciated by professionals or everyday cookers for its usefulness and for the variety of existing flavours: dashi stock with dried bonito, dashi stock with oysters, dashi with shrimps…

    Japanese sauces are also in all families’ refrigerators: barbecue, chûno, onion, noko, yuzu ponzu… are the most frequent used.

  • Barbecue & salads sauces

    The barbecue and salad dressings are essential in every day Japanese cooking. The most used are: barbecue sauce, teriyaki sauce, miso salad dressing, sesame seasoning, wasabi Japanese seasoning, …

  • Vinegars

    Japan has a huge range of vinegars: apple, sushi, sakura flower, yuzu, sudachi, shiso, dried bonito, jabara vinegars….

  • Oils

    Japanese cooking uses several natural oils: sesame, rapeseed, rice bran, mustard. Flavoured oils with natural taste are the most wanted. Rapeseed oil with dried bonito will spice up noodles or pan fried rice preparations. Rapeseed oil with scallion brings freshness to soups and vegetables salads or raw vegetables. Black sesame oil, just a dash of it will pleasantly spice up a sliced orange sprinkled with black sugar.

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