List of products by manufacturer KYOTO IKKYUDÔ

Kyoto is the ancient capital of Japan and its history started more than 12 centuries ago. The very mention of Kyoto confers an authentic quality to products but also a top quality image.

There is no room for copies in Kyoto, for "fakes". Only the search for the best counts. The craftsmen work to find the best that each season can offer. It is this very serious and strict attitude which is at the base of the "Kyoto culinary culture".
Kyoto Ikkyudo was founded in Kyoto in 1892. This company specialised in spices and condiments totally respecting their flavours and aromas. All the emblematic spices of Japan are present:
Kyo-shichimi (mix of 7 Kyoto prepared spices)
Yuzu-shichimi (mix of 7 Kyoto prepared spices with yuzu)
Black Kuro-yakumi shichino
Ito aonori

Shichimi togarashi (mix of 7 spices)
Shichimi togarashi is a mix of traditional Japanese spices. This mix was created in 1625 in Edo (Ancient name of Tokyo), in a quarter where a lot of doctors and chemists included Chinese herbal medicine in everyday foods. The 7 spices used are pillars of this Chinese herbal tradition, renowned for their efficiency against flu. The inhabitants of Edo protected themselves against the flu by eating very hot soba noodles with the seven spices. This mix became popular very quickly in Edo (Tokyo), Kyoto and Nagano…then adopted by the rest of Japan where it was adapted to the local culinary traditions.
Ideal to sprinkle on hot soba or udon noodles, in miso soup, soups, chicken, white or red meat kebabs, pickled vegetables, grated raw vegetable salads, carpaccio, meat or fish tartare, sautéed vegetables, marinades ( meat and fish).
Shichimi and miso are an excellent accompaniment !