List of products by manufacturer NACHIYA


Timeless and natural
Who has never admired the exceptional beauty of Japanese crockery, covered with an unequalled lacquered finish ? Over two thousand years Japanese lacquer work has been raised to the level of an art and its fame has spread to the entire West.
From their small shop in Kyoto, NACHIYA is one of the last champions of this ancestral tradition. Handmade, 100% elm and natural lacquer... Thanks to their well-kept production secrets, NACHIYA produces unique crockery: the crockery of your life...

Tradition and Creation
Of his time, NACHIYA offers a collection of articles combining ancestral know-how and modern design corresponding to the values and expectations of today. In this way, NACHIYA recently started the Pure Lacque collection: a complete range of bowls, salad bowls and goblets following on from traditional collections but with an inimitable advantage; dish-washer resistant. Designed for Japanese and Western kitchens, the Pure Lacquer collection is a delight for connoisseurs throughout the world.

Pure Lacquer : the pleasure of beauty without the constraints !
Originally developed to cover the painted outside of temples, Pure Lacquer guarantees the NACHIYA crockery collection unequalled resistance. 5 layers thick, this special 100% natural lacquer is synonymous with exceptional longevity for the elm bowls, salad bowls and goblets it covers, even if it is often washed in the dishwasher.