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Since its creation in 1947, AKAO ALUMINIUM Co., Ltd is specialized in the production of aluminium goods designed for both private individuals and professional market.

AKAO is the only company producing laminated aluminium in Tokyo. It uses a process of casting by intense cooling similar to the one used by the main companies in this activity.

AKAO has succeeded in the production of aluminium and aluminium alloy thanks to its integrated production system.

The aluminium is a material with strong demands thanks to its impressive characteristics: environment-friendly, light weight, recyclable, ease of use.

Following its knowledge and experience, AKAO is offering a vast range of high quality products to enrich culinary habits.

VAT system :
The "VAT" system is a container developed to preserve the freshness of any ingredients and guarantee food safety:
Its durability is doubled compared with traditional aluminium container
The flat bottom offers a superior resistance and guarantee hygiene
Multiple "VAT" can be stacked easily and efficiently
Freezing, cooling, thawing are quicken compared to other materials. Thermal conductivity is 3 times superior to steel, 13 times superior to stainless steel and 430 times superior to plastics.
Improved food safety: the aluminium does not contain any toxic substance and is particularly adapted to protect the freshness of ingredients. Also, it does not transfer any taste to the products.

Other plates system & airtight box system « Quickie »
With its very high thermal conductivity, freezing, cooling and thawing are quicker. AKAO systems offer better results than stainless steel, plastics or even ceramic.
All the products are odourless and easy to clean and sterilize (with boiling water).
Its preserve all the flavours (including the umami) and nutritional qualities of thawed products.
The lid of the "quickie" system (polyethylene) can sustain temperature from -40°C to +70°C

Caution n°1: the colour of the aluminium containers can fade from silver to white if cleaned using a dish-washer. The aluminium is very sensitive to alkaline and acid detergent. We strongly recommend cleaning by hand with neutral detergent.

Caution n°2: the « Quickie » system lid cannot be sterilised using boiling water.


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