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Cutler master for 3 generations
Aoki Ichiro, founder of Aoki Hamono cutlery house, moved to Sakai in 1947, just after the Second World War. Sakai is already, at that time, a traditional knives making center located south of downtown Osaka. He gives his brand the name of his eldest son: SAKAI TAKAYUKI. Its range is expanding to include all kinds of kitchen knives quickly. His son takes over the company and imposes Takayuki kitchen knives in quality cutlery whose reputation already extends beyond the borders of the Empire of the Rising Sun.
Aoki Takahiro, 3rd generation now runs the family business and is already distinguished for listening to ever-changing markets.
The blade forging at Sakai has a 600 year tradition. All the while, the Sakai knives were made according to a shared work system. Blacksmiths and sharpeners have their workshops scattered around town and work in turn on the knives, passing them from one to the other. Aoki Hamono is where all these problems meet. The company designs and orders knives, manages the quality, finds the right craftsmen for the work and deals with the marketing. Artisans in turn depend on a constant flow of orders. This is how it has always been, and companies of this type are considered "Tonya" or wholesalers.
However, Aoki Hamono, unlike most other houses on the market, has its own forges, very famous, known as the "Sanpo workshop". It is the kingdom of Master smith Doi Itsuo (he has been working for 3 generations for Aoki Hamono) and Master knife maker Yamatsuka Mitsuo and his sons. Aoki Hamono also ensures that the tradition and skills of Sakai's cutlery are passed on to the next generation by training and employing young apprentices, not only preserving the traditions of the past, but assuming responsibility for to come up. This deep involvement in the making of knives is one of the reasons why Aoki Hamono and Sakai Takayuki knives have become the number one cutlery market in Sakai.
A port city and trading center, Sakai has seen many European innovations appear in Japan since its port. In Japan, it says that "all new things begin in Sakai". Faithful to this ancient spirit, Aoki Hamono ensures the maintenance of Sakai's traditional knife making traditions while continuing to innovate and push the boundaries of beauty and performance.

  • Damascus serie 33 layers - hammered

    This is a high quality knives serie which shows beautiful wave pattern with VG10 steel. It is made with sharp and corrosion-resistant steel.

  • Grand Chef Kiritsuke Yanagiba

    The special alloy steel from Sweden and very sharp blade, transformed into the western style one-sided bladed knife

  • Kasumi series

    Kasumi series, knives standard range from Sakai Takayuki

  • Tokujou series

    "Tokujou series" is recommended for professionnals. This knife is made with White-2 steel and hand sharpened

  • Kitchen series

    The serie of premium home use knives are made with hammered  stain resistant steel and blue carbon core, resulting in excellent sharpness and edge life

  • Tetogi-Hondabuke series

    This is an especially sharp Japanese knife, using core blade white-2 steel from Yasuki, which is reputed to be the top grade of steel for knives. Also, the greatest feature of this knife is  that Honbaduke (Sharpening) are conducted at knife.
    Honbatsuke means sharpening or finishing the edge.
    The knife condition at the time of delivery to knife retailers has only Koba (secondary bevel) In Sakai City, sharpeners deliver blades that have only Koba to wholesalers.  Knives are enough sharp at this condition, but after we conduct Honbaduke which removes Koba (secondary bevel) to make the edge sharper, knives can be sharper and sharp for longer time.

  • Damascus series 45 layers hammered

    This is a high quality knives series which shows beautiful wave pattern with high quality AUS10 steel. It is made with sharp and corrosion resistant steel.

  • Kiritsuke Yanagiba damascus 17 layers hammered

    A hard special alloy VG-10 is thrust  into 17-layer Damascus steel ; like a slice knive, thin bladed Japanese style Yanagiba-Sashimi knife, double edged

  • 33 layers damascus craftsman Master Keido Sugihara

    These are premium models manufactured by featuring the desert iron wood handle hancrafted by Mr Keido Sugihara on the 33-Layer hammered Dasmascus series knives.
    This beautiful line of layered steel knives are crafted out of a 33 layer folded Damascus steel with a VG10 core. VG10 steel is one of the best steels for kitchen knives due to its superior edge retention, sharpness and stain resistance. The handles on these knives are hand crafted out of desert ironwood, which is water resistant and beautifully grained. 

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