List of products by manufacturer KENSHO

Exceptional natural sauces since 1947

Specialised in the elaboration of natural sauces, Kensho has been able to maintain its traditional production processes for more than 60 years. This meticulousness explains the pride and fame it has today throughout the country. Kensho sauces are made exclusively from local fruit and vegetables grown with particular care and attention by specially selected producers.

Time, tradition, taste
In Kensho sauces there is no room for artificial additives, colour, preservatives and other sweeteners. Authenticity is the priority and guides the traditional Kensho craftsmen in their elaboration of their 100% in-house recipes. Some go as far as mixing twenty five different natural ingredients ! This precision creates the unique taste of Kensho sauces.

A flavour unlike any other: Umami
Not sweet, nor acid, nor salty, nor bitter... Umami from Japan is the fifth taste defined by man. Kensho sauces take up this unique challenge, mixing Umami to colour, in other words blending seaweed and dried fish to a natural pale brown colour obtained through the use of brown, unrefined sugar.