Spices and condiments

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Spices and condiments

Nishikidôri has selected essential Japanese spices and condiments to spice up your dishes and surprise pleasantly your guests!


  • Black garlic and black shallot

    A whole range of black fermented garlic and black fermented shallot: whole, puree or in juice.

  • Aromatic Spices

    Discover new aromatic spices to spice up your dishes.

  • Salt

    Rediscover the table salt and its culinary pleasures!

  • Condiments

    We have selected a surprising range of condiments used in the Japanese cooking, either in powder, dried vegetables, or else. A real treat, the spicy cooking lovers will literally love them!

  • Pepper

    A surprising discovery is this long pepper, from South-East Asia… Japanese chefs love it.

    Learn more about the pipatsu history.

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