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Miso at its best

Kantoya considers miso making as a special art, passed down from generation to generation since the traditional workshop was created at Kyoto in 1847. To make their exceptional miso, Kantoya's master craftsmen use a carefully selected koji and exceptionally pure underground water, drawn from a depth of sixty metres in the heart of the Hira mountains.

Production secrets
Kantoya's master craftsmen are committed to a round the clock supervision of their miso, whether it be the selection of the ingredients which are used in production, such as the koji ( koji is rice fermented from koji-kin or aspergillus oryzae yeast, for 44 hours in a controlled temperature room. Once made the koji is mixed with cooked soya) or in its elaboration to reach a level of exceptional quality. In Japan, Kantoya miso is overwhelmingly acclaimed by the best restaurant owners who appreciate its 100% traditional character and its renowned umami taste which belongs only to Japanese gastronomy.


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