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Corner baker

Nishikidôri has selected essential products for you to make your pastries.


  • Azuki and Kuromane
  • Sweet red bean paste

    Koshian red bean paste from Yamasei is exclusively made from Azuki beans cultivated on Hokkaido Island.

  • White bean paste

    Koshian white beans paste is very popular in Japan, to make pastries or chocolates sweets.


  • Anko paste with cherry tree leaf

    Best Japanese pastries are made of anko paste with cherry leaf known for its typical almond stone taste.

  • Black sugar and ginger syrup

    Black sugar and ginger syrup: powerful and known for its welfare on health.

  • Barley

    Barley is used in Japan for tea and pastries production, and also for its biscuit-like, coffee and chicory flavours.

  • Matcha tea

    Matcha tea is the very best product you will find on the market for cooking, pastries, chocolate or ice creams. It keeps its original flavor and its bright green color once used.

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