Gift boxes

Gift boxes

Enjoy the best Japanese flavors with the new Nishikidôri Gift boxes to treat yourself or to please others.
A limited edition collection! Umami guaranteed!
Le Comptoir des Poivres Gift Boxes.
No gift wrap for boxes.

  • Essential
    <p>Essential products of traditional Japanese taste</p>
  • Grocery
    <p>All the taste of Japan, soy sauce and wasabi, dashi broth or sushi rice, but also Japanese oils, sea salts and spices, we have selected for you the best products of Japanese gastronomy with the guarantee of quality, traceability and food safety.</p>
  • Sushis
  • Organic
    <p>Nishikidôri offers organic products from Japanese artisans certified by european organizations. The importation and sale in France of these products are also certified by FR-BIO-01 standard.</p>
  • Sake & alcohol
  • Kitchenware & materials
  • Japanese Tableware
    <p>Ramen bowls, sashimi plates, sushi dishes, rice bowls, teapots, bento boxes, sake glasses and decanters directly from Japan, all the Japanese culture, elegance and tradition on your table</p>
  • Japanese barbecue
    <p>The Konro range of barbecues are very popular in Japan. You can grill a long fish on them without cutting or moving it...</p> <p>BARBECUES CAN BE PARTICULARY DANGEROUS AND MUST BE USED WITH CAUTION. THEY SHOULD NOT BE LEFT WITHIN THE REACH OF CHILDREN OR PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT ABLE TO USE THEM OR APPRECIATE THEIR DANGER.</p>
  • Yuzu
  • Sakura cherry
    <p>Iconic tree in Japan, the Sakura cherry is, just like Mount Fuji, a major symbol which has inspired and continues to inspire poems and works of art. Through its blossom is seen renewal. Sakura cherry trees which don’t produce fruit, are renowned for their flowers and leaves used to make many dishes, pastries and drinks. When flowering, the leaves are as perfumed as the flowers, but with different notes, reminiscent of nuts.</p>
  • Short best before dates
    <p>Nishikidôri undertakes to make you benefit from exceptional prices on products which the best before date (Date of Minimum Durability) approaches so as not to throw them away. A short date in no way affects the quality or taste of the products we propose. Nishikidôri is committed in no more waste! Take advantage!</p>
  • Sprinklers
    <p>Our favorite for sesame seed sprinklers, furikake mixes, ume plum petals ... very practical in daily life in your kitchen or on your table and refillable at will!</p>
  • Bookstore
  • Le Comptoir des Poivres
    <p>For several years we have been looking for products of an unsuspected quality with the same philosophy: search for products directly on the production site, refusal of any chemical treatment on the plant as well as on the product and a fortiori any irradiation (hypocritically called ionisation), making sure that the people working in these plantations work in optimal conditions, demanding numerous sortings to keep only the exceptional grains or berries, refusing any long storage and routing the products without intermediaries, i.e. with a maximum traceability We are proud to be grocers and wish to give back to this profession its letters of nobility. Le Comptoir des Poivres is a grocer and we are proud of it. A team of passionate epicureans who have been tracking down peppers and spices of impeccable quality for years, in search of new and surprising sensations by travelling to India, Iran, Madagascar, Nepal and Mexico. Le Comptoir des Poivres now offers you an exceptional choice of black, white, red, long or tailed peppers, as well as spices such as coriander, cocoa, cinnamon or the superb Targh Neguine Saffron. Comptoir des Poivres presents its range of dried whole chillies from Mexico, its compositions of mixed salts, wild black Sansho from Bhutan, Curry from Madagascar, an exceptional and exclusive blend of Arcoiris peppers, Rose petals from Ispahan as well as an incredible bunch of organic green peppercorns from the Bolaven Plateau in Laos and many other novelties to be discovered all year round. The peppers and spices are packaged in attractive metal tins, protected from the light without any treatment, to preserve all their flavours. For the most demanding taste lovers. <br /><br /><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Le Comptoir des Poivres </a></p>
  • Gift Card
    <p><span style="color:#ceb26b;"><strong><img src="" width="100" height="100" alt="noeud-or.png" /></strong><strong></strong></span></p> <p><span style="color:#ceb26b;"><strong>Just to be sure to please !</strong></span> Choose your Gift Card model Choose the amount of your Gift Card Choose how to receive your Gift Card, and add it to your basket. <br /><span style="color:#ceb26b;"><strong>Receive</strong> your Gift Card by email only</span> <em>(check your spam folder)</em><br />Valid for 1 year from the date of purchase, usable on the entire Internet store Not valid in store or fair.</p>
  • Kokeshi doll
    <p>Kokeshi dolls are part of Japanese folk art. These traditional Japanese wooden dolls and figurines, created during the Edo period (1600 - 1868) and originating from the Tohoku region, were originally made for children. According to popular beliefs, they were also believed to transmit messages that they hid in their trunk. People who visited Onsen (hot springs) in Tohoku used to buy them as souvenirs. These little dolls were also a source of income for the local people during the winter months when farming was not very convenient.</p>

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  • Spices mix gift box of 12 boxes

    From €72.00 -20% €90.00

    Spices mix gift box

    Luxurious gift box Spices mix of 12 boxes to offer or to treat yourself.
    This gift box includes:
    • 1 x 70g box of Vanilla flavored sugar (Réf : CDPMEL01S)
    • 1 x 60g box of Sweet criollo cocoa powder (Réf : CDPMEL02S)
    • 1 x 60g box of Barbecue Colombiano (Réf : CDPMEL03S)
    • 1 x 60g box of Barbecue Quebec (Réf : CDPMEL04S)
    • 1 x 60g box of Gourmet fries (Réf : CDPMEL07S)
    • 1 x 50g box of Lamb and Skewers (Réf : CDPMEL08S)
    • 1 x 65g box of Duck breast (Réf : CDPMEL12S)
    • 1 x 45g box of Classic gingerbread (Réf : CDPMEL14S)
    • 1 x 50g box of Quebec grilled salmon (Réf : CDPMEL16S)
    • 1 x 50g box of Raz el Hanout standard (Réf : CDPMEL19S)
    • 1 x 55g box of Shrimp and shellfish (Réf : CDPMEL24S)
    • 1 x 55g box of Sichuan Curry (Réf : CDPMEL25S)

  • Fragrant Cuisine gift box of 6 boxes

    From €64.00

    Luxurious gift box Fragrant Cuisine to offer or to treat yourself

    This gift box includes:
    • 1 x 40g box of Dehydrated pink berries (Réf: CDPMAD08S)
    • 1 x 40g box of Turmeric shavings (Réf: CDPMAD17S)
    • 1 x 30g box of Mack Khen berries from the Luang Prabang forests (Réf: CDPMSL14S)
    • 1 x 60g box of Allspice (Jamaica pepper) (Réf : CDPPLM01S)
    • 1 x 60g box of Dried whole Tasmanian berries (Réf : CDPCRA01S)
    • 1 x 60g box of Whole clove (Réf : CDPMAD14S)

  • Madagascar gift box of 6 boxes

    From €69.50

    Luxurious gift box Madagascar to offer or to treat yourself

    This gift box includes:
    • 1 x 80g box of Wild black Voatsiperifery peppercorns from Madagascar (Réf : CDPMAD04S)
    • 1 x 80g box of Black peppercorns from Madagascar (Réf : CDPMAD01S)
    • 1 x 80g box of White peppercorns from Madagascar (Réf : CDPMAD03S)
    • 1 x 70g box of Whole nutmeg (Réf: CDPMAD15S)
    • 1 x 60g box of Whole clove (Réf: CDPMAD14S)
    • 1 x 65g box of Madagascar Curry (Réf: CDPMAD53S)

  • Pair of porcelain rice bowls and chopstick holders

    From €72.00

    2 rice bowls and 2 chopstick holders delivered in a gift box

  • Kokeshi dolls animal

    From €24.00


    Cute animal Kokeshi doll, very soft in the hand and decorative.


    Sold individually
     Delivered in a nice cardboard box ready to offer.

  • Kokeshi dolls bloom

    From €31.00


    Traditional flowered Kokeshi.


    Sold individually
     Delivered in a nice cardboard box ready to offer.

  • Gourmet box of 3 salts

    From €14.85

    Gift box Gourmet to offer or to treat yourself.

    This gift box includes in an attractive black cardboard box "Berlingot" shape :

    • 1 x 40 g box of Aguni island sea salt with roasted buckwheat(Réf : CDPSEL04S)
    • 1 x 35 g box of Ishigaki Jima sea salt and criollo cocoa from Putumayo (Réf : CDPSEL05S)
    • 1 x 30 g box of Ishigaki Jima sea salt and Persian black lime (Réf : CDPSEL09S)

  • Chopsticks set

    From €9.95

    Chopsticks set

    This set of natural wood chopsticks combine elegance and sobriety.

  • Kokeshi dolls Elders Couple

    From €56.00

    Kokeshi dolls, couple of elders, the wisdom.


    Set of 2 pieces
     Delivered in a nice cardboard box ready to offer.

  • Kokeshi dolls Daruma

    From €26.00

    Make your wishes with the Kokeshi Daruma doll!
    It will bring you luck and prosperity.
    It will also be very stylish.


    Sold individually
     Delivered in a nice cardboard box ready to offer.

  • Kokeshi dolls Samuraï

    From €31.00


    Beautiful traditional Kokeshi.


    Sold individually
     Delivered in a nice cardboard box ready to offer.

  • Nature box 3 salts

    From €14.85

    Nature box of 3 exceptional salts
    Box includes :
    1 x 40 g box of Wajima No Kaien sea salt
    1 x 40 g box of Ishigaki Jima sea salt
    1 x 40 g box of Aguni Island "Okinawa Aguni-no Shio" sea salt